Artist Profile – Sian Mariel Legaspi

Our Artist Profile series is spotlighting Deakin student artists and frequent WORDLY Magazine contributors.

Today’s spotlight is on Mariel who was the designer for the ‘Tension’ and ‘Retro’ editions of WORDLY.

What is your name, degree, and year of study?

My name is Sian Mariel Legaspi. I am studying Visual Communication and Design at Deakin University, in my last year of the course (3rd year).

Instagram: @marsian.png

Can you briefly explain your typical creative process?

When I create art or design, I always listen to music. I select genres that express the same emotions and or themes. It helps me generate more ideas. 


What mediums do you work with, and what themes do you explore in your work?

I mostly do digital art and design. 
The themes of my art revolve around self-exploratory. I wanted to present what I see and show it through simple drawings. 

Who or what inspires you?

I love and get concept inspirations from comics and animations. Telling stories through a series of illustrations. 

What is your favourite piece you’ve ever created?

I love the piece Perspective from the mini-series I did early this year. When I created this piece I was reflecting on how challenging it is to adapt to a different culture. I gain and lose some parts of my identity.


Mariel designed the ‘Tension’ and ‘Retro’ editions of WORDLY. You can find her on instagram at @marsian.png

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