She’ll be Ready in a Minute or Two …

Those were the words she had been dreading to hear for the past hour. Abi was trying her absolute best given the circumstances, which—given the people she knew, the too few hours in any day, and that she had never prepared for being a maid of honour—was putting it lightly. Outside, one of the most beautiful settings Abi had ever seen awaited, with flowers arranged … Continue reading She’ll be Ready in a Minute or Two …

Apricots and Coconuts

Along the shore where you live, not far from the sealer’s cove, is a place where you retreat whenever the world—the small one you inhabit—snares you like a nasty jag. The many people, aimless in their own pursuits of happiness and enterprise, admirable in how they remain steadfastly thankless for the tasks you perform at their behest, cause you to consider thus: none would matter … Continue reading Apricots and Coconuts

Operation Mayflower

October 2286 General Anthony Fraser, commander of the military dictatorship, New Australia, sat at his desk skimming the latest of numerous holo-reports detailing the public uprisings against his ‘tyrannical’ rule. Three warehouses had been burned to the ground, and his soldiers treated as punching bags. He slammed his fist down, cursing as the glass of water beside him fell, shattering. He dropped the report and … Continue reading Operation Mayflower

Birthday Blues

Their muffled words dangled in the air—syllables suspended like helium balloons. Happy birthday! It’s more of a taunt than a song. Hooray, you’re one year closer to dying.  I recoiled as the singers each sang in their own key, until the last line where they synced together and sounded shit collectively. I’m conflicted about what’s worse: the fact that it’s sung at the pace of … Continue reading Birthday Blues

The Man in Forty-Seven

A tremor on the pavement stopped the pedestrians’ march—a tremor that made them turn their heads, squint their eyes, and prick their ears in search of the pulpy thud that birthed it. Their collective search found a crumpled man—a man that once had a name—reduced to shards of bone and scattered teeth. A man whose life ran from him and scurried into the gutters and … Continue reading The Man in Forty-Seven