About us

WORDLY is the student media of Deakin University. It is brought to you by the Deakin Writers Club in conjunction with Deakin University Student Association.

The purpose of WORDLY is to provide opportunity for students to get involved in student media, and to produce quality media from and for Deakin University students.

WORDLY currently exists in two forms:

WORDLY Magazine is a print magazine produced 4 times a year. It is primarily an art and literary magazine featuring a range of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction writing alongside all kinds of artwork.
WORDLY Magazine offers everyone (student and non-student) the opportunity to be published in print. And offers students opportunities in editing and magazine production.

WORDLY Online is the website you’re currently reading. News, non-fiction, reviews, poetry, and fiction pieces are published online.
WORDLY Online offers everyone (but primarily Deakin University students) the opportunity to be published. And offers students opportunities in editing, Online management, journalism, reviewing, episodic writing, non-fiction and content writing.

Contact us with any questions or queries at wordlymagazine@gmail.com and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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