What is WORDLY?

Wordly | ˈwərdlē | adjective

( -lier , -liest )

  1. That which contains many words:

The latest edition of WORDLY is so…wordly.

  1. Concerning the prolific creation of new words, including the amalgamation of old words to make new words.

The wordliest woman in history, neologist, Nancy Jenkins, coined over four thousand words, including: Posstempory (contemporary dance for possums), Deschep, Awkymo-mo (awkward moment), frinsel (frypan rinse), and quirkburger.


wordliness noun

ORIGIN Old English worudlic (see word ,-ly).

WORDLY (pronounced word-ly) is Deakin University’s student magazine, brought to you by Deakin Writers, a Burwood-based DUSA club. Though the club stems from Melbourne, you’ll find the magazine on every Deakin University campus and available digitally, and the work inside is not limited to Burwood students. WORDLY encourage students from all campuses and the Cloud to be involved and are constantly looking for helpers to spread the word. Inside you’ll find writing of all styles: poetry, journalism, non-fiction and fiction as well as cartoons, paintings, photography and all kinds of artwork.

Be sure to grab the latest copy from your DUSA office, follow our posts online, and checkout the submission guidelines to find out how you can get involved.

Contact us with any questions or queries at wordlymagazine@gmail.com and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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