Submission Guidelines

Hi there! Since you’re checking out the submission guidelines, I feel that I could competently guess that you’re thinking about submitting to WORDLY. Firstly, congratulations, that’s fantastic. Secondly, and I know I am biased, but you should totally submit!

Now that I’ve talked you into submitting, I hear: what’s the go?

Well, WORDLY accepts fiction and non-fiction pieces, articles, poetry and art. We accept submissions for our print editions—which will have a closing date—and for our blog—which we accept 24/7.

Written submissions

We accept submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, articles, and other miscellaneous forms of writing.

For our print editions, pieces need to be either between 300 and 700 words, or 1100 to 1200 words—or up to an A4 page for poetry. Articles such as journalistic writing and opinion pieces for the print editions should be about ongoing issues that won’t become outdated before the magazine can be put together and launched.

Submissions for WORDLY online should be under 1000 words; submissions above this word count would have to be exceptionally well done to be considered. WORDLY online is especially interested in publishing articles, journalism, and opinion pieces about current issues.

As per the Australian standard, all submissions should use single quotation marks, the un-spaced em-dash rule, and also follow the general Australian standard for spelling.

Feel free to send us completed pieces, but remember: you may also pitch us pieces. If that floats your boat. Just email us.

Art submissions

Any and all artistic submissions are welcome. They can range from photos, to photos of paintings, to graphic design pieces. All art submissions must be submitted electronically, and all we ask is that it is in the highest possible resolution; it’s possible for your work to be one of our WORDLY covers, and that’s two A4 pages!

Upcoming themes and deadlines

WORDLY  ‘Myth’ edition: submissions close on Monday the 8th of Janurary, 11.59PM.

WORDLY online: we are always open for online submissions!

Please send all submissions and any questions to with your name, student number (if applicable), and a bit of information about what you’re studying.


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