Lotus Position

I stretch and crack, as the world bends round, mountains and crevices fall. I languish and cry, as locusts explore, upon my skin they crawl. I bend and knot, as the breeze pierces flesh, itchy, numb, and right. I release, a jolt at shutter speed, caught by a nearby mite. I twist and flex, as I’m watched by a crow, rising to praise the dawn. … Continue reading Lotus Position

We Need a Dead Woman to Begin

Content warning: Domestic violence ‘We need a dead woman to begin. To begin (writing, living) we must have death. I like the dead, they are the doorkeepers who while closing one side ‘give’ way to the other. We must have death, but young, present, ferocious, fresh death, the death of the day, today’s death.’ Hélène Cixous (1993) Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing, Columbia … Continue reading We Need a Dead Woman to Begin

Yoga Series Part Two: Breathing Benefits and Study Stress

In this installment of my Yoga Series, I will demonstrate the benefits of conscious breathing for relieving study-related stress. This is essential because regardless of our biases, we all intrinsically rely on the same nourishing life force, our breath. I am not trying to get all woo-woo on you, okay? I am an academic too! I’ve been teaching academically for two decades now. One part … Continue reading Yoga Series Part Two: Breathing Benefits and Study Stress

Bo Burnham: Inside

‘Bo Burnham‘ by jmcarthy99 is licensed under CC BY 2.0. In his Netflix special, Bo Burnham: Inside, Burnham captivates his audience from the outset. The comedian, actor, playwright, director and poet begins by explaining his intention to write, direct, and film an entire comedy special. What unfolds is a twelve-month journey through isolation in a modest granny flat—by song. Unlike any other comedy special on … Continue reading Bo Burnham: Inside

a sea that housed her heart

Where does one begin, I tell you at the start! How well I knew the days and nights in such a tender way —something unfamiliar come, with sudden dray. A dreary conception or a phantom afterthought, I was mid between the lines, when my Eleanor was caught. Caught by my affection, caught where hearts proceed to form, and bond between the heaven’s angels and the … Continue reading a sea that housed her heart

Remembering Richard Mercer: Love Song Dedications

Can you believe it’s been eight years since Richard Mercer hosted Love Song Dedications? For nearly 17 years, Australia’s ‘Love God’ dominated late night radio with his honey-toned voice, endearing personality, and memorable love songs. For most listeners, unless they researched him online, Mercer was (and remains) a faceless, friendly radio voice who comforted them to sleep almost every weeknight. Whether it was teenage puppy … Continue reading Remembering Richard Mercer: Love Song Dedications