Book Review: No One Is Talking About This by Patricia Lockwood

When American poet Patricia Lockwood’s poem Rape Joke went viral in 2013 as a response to a public debate about whether rape jokes could ever be funny, it established her as the unofficial poet laureate of Twitter. Her 2017 memoirPriestdaddy, about growing up as the daughter of a conservative minister, similarly made waves and cemented Lockwood as a voice of the zeitgeist. To say I was excited … Continue reading Book Review: No One Is Talking About This by Patricia Lockwood

Student Elections and DUSA: What’s up with that?

Have you ever been trapped by a random student on campus in a coloured shirt asking for your vote? Or have you ever received a random message through Facebook asking you the same thing? Well, that’s the Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) student council elections. So, the DUSA Student Council Elections for 2021 have been announced. If you don’t have a clue about what that … Continue reading Student Elections and DUSA: What’s up with that?

It’s time for new trimester resolutions

I believe the true joy of university life comes in the second trimester (or semester, if you’re at one of those other unis). Why? Because it’s a second shot at everything you wanted to do back in the first trimester, but with even more possibilities for success! Let me explain. When you’re approaching the first week of the university year, it feels a lot like … Continue reading It’s time for new trimester resolutions

Her Weapon of Choice

Content warning: This piece contains mention of sexual and physical assault. His forceful, disgusting acts left her scarred. She felt trapped with no way out. She had laid lifeless in that hospital bed for days, The doctors thought she would never recover. But no coma could cease her anger, There was no prison, not even her own body. Nothing that could silence her or keep … Continue reading Her Weapon of Choice

Birthday Blues

Their muffled words dangled in the air—syllables suspended like helium balloons. Happy birthday! It’s more of a taunt than a song. Hooray, you’re one year closer to dying.  I recoiled as the singers each sang in their own key, until the last line where they synced together and sounded shit collectively. I’m conflicted about what’s worse: the fact that it’s sung at the pace of … Continue reading Birthday Blues

Target Practice: A Shooting Range Experience

Content note: This piece contains mentions of the detailed use of firearms. ‘I wonder what it’s like to shoot a rifle,’ a friend said casually over a prawn chow mein lunch. ‘We should go to a shooting range one day.’ ‘Sure, let’s go on Saturday,’ I said. She laughed, ‘Really?’ ‘Why not?’ I asked.  All we had to do was Google local shooting ranges, make … Continue reading Target Practice: A Shooting Range Experience


I don’t want your heart on a platter,Beating and shivering in clotted bloodFresh from your chest, broken openI never asked you to do thisI am no damsel and you no prince,We were never on the same page Did you even think to ask? I don’t want you to gut yourselfOver me, I don’t want your painDon’t rhapsodise over me, I am no goddess,I never demanded … Continue reading Listen

The Man in Forty-Seven

A tremor on the pavement stopped the pedestrians’ march—a tremor that made them turn their heads, squint their eyes, and prick their ears in search of the pulpy thud that birthed it. Their collective search found a crumpled man—a man that once had a name—reduced to shards of bone and scattered teeth. A man whose life ran from him and scurried into the gutters and … Continue reading The Man in Forty-Seven

9 Ways to Know If You’ve Found The Right Therapist

What a long way we’ve come. Finally, the world over, many are beginning to give mental health the attention it deserves.  Challenges involving mental health have often been dismissed as problems for the weak or rich or bored. But now, more people are starting to recognise that just as a broken knee needs intervention, so does one’s struggling mental health.  Perhaps it could be a generational effect, with millennials stated to … Continue reading 9 Ways to Know If You’ve Found The Right Therapist