Remembering Richard Mercer: Love Song Dedications

Can you believe it’s been eight years since Richard Mercer hosted Love Song Dedications? For nearly 17 years, Australia’s ‘Love God’ dominated late night radio with his honey-toned voice, endearing personality, and memorable love songs. For most listeners, unless they researched him online, Mercer was (and remains) a faceless, friendly radio voice who comforted them to sleep almost every weeknight. Whether it was teenage puppy … Continue reading Remembering Richard Mercer: Love Song Dedications

‘It’s not that simple’: The Truth Behind the Statement

‘It’s not that simple’. ‘It’s easier said than done’. Sound familiar? Do you ever wonder where you would be if you didn’t constantly limit yourself by reinforcing these statements? It’s often easy to fall into the trap of self-victimisation, and contrary to popular belief, this does more harm than good. One can look at any situation in two ways: from an angle of losing or … Continue reading ‘It’s not that simple’: The Truth Behind the Statement

What is at the Core of Mental Wellness?

Mental wellness is the ability of an individual to be aware and mindful of their thoughts and understand that they can influence emotions and behaviours. From a psychological perspective, this is known as a cognitive-behavioural model of wellbeing. In other words, a mentally healthy individual can monitor and regulate their thoughts to achieve the desired emotional and behavioural response (Neenan 2017). This definition of mental … Continue reading What is at the Core of Mental Wellness?

Us, in Element

Image: From Pixabay, thanks to JDGRAPHICS63 after Joan Miró & Surrealism Us, like Miró, spearing any stick-in-the-brush with a dance that won’t be classified. Rhythms and other elements of days fake familiarity. Only the birds hang upside down or float with ink-dipped feathers— carousels— in brilliant fields of blue blood. We’re clay forms sculpted to pillows by night: our faces hieroglyphs on a vase, with … Continue reading Us, in Element

Book Review: The End of Everything

Think back to your favourite opener. The drama, the shock, the evocative feelings; Dr. Katie Mack achieves all that in the opening line of a book on astrophysics. This bodes well. Step aside fiction authors—you no longer hold the monopoly on great opening sentences. The end of everything, metaphysically speaking, is an interesting discussion. The end of everything, philosophically speaking, is a great discussion. The … Continue reading Book Review: The End of Everything