everything you see when you close your eyes

Image: “Night Traffic Surface” by sagesolar is licensed under CC BY 2.0. headlights sparkle crimson white dotted lines faded red it crawls between cars stagnant but spreading traces of life left behind —haunting the bitumen there is blood but there is no body no paper-thin fur trodden on by rubber, flesh now indistinguishable from earth; no feathers dancing upright, tethered to the gravel with crusting … Continue reading everything you see when you close your eyes

black as the air we breathe

i. I can’t breathe, he said knee-to-throat choke-hold soft-brown-skin reflected in the glint of a pointed badge protect courage serve compassion float under a cloud etched in hate everything. hurts. water. please. faces watch the thirst grow desperate drought tongue motions mama mama comfort in the word that created it incarnated affirmation of life-love-skin-blood breath mama mama breathes all in to life {Beginning} sun scorched … Continue reading black as the air we breathe


Three walls No doors just screaming A single yellow bulb A grandfather clock Everything sways they itch Along the walls the creatures  The shadows dance click as they move Dreams hang like  Cobwebs                             burrowing burning skin Peacefully blown To and fro Whispering sweet secrets none of it’s real Do not worry … Continue reading Prism