Silver Beeches

It was once written that the advent of the railways gave life to the long-forgotten medieval tales of dragons in the countryside. What but for the steam engine—chuffing and puffing its way through the steel arteries of land hitherto untraversed by machine, its fine paintwork glistening in the sun of a golden, modern age—could cause such distress? To stand by the platform of a Victorian … Continue reading Silver Beeches

What I Learned from the World of Fanfiction

My route into the publishing industry was not conventional. In fact, what sparked my interest in the first place was something that has only gained traction online in the last decade or so—fanfiction. I started using Wattpad when I was 15 years old, hungry for those juicy, fictional scenes taken directly from a teenage girl’s mind and splashed onto the site without a second thought. … Continue reading What I Learned from the World of Fanfiction

We Need a Dead Woman to Begin

Content warning: Domestic violence ‘We need a dead woman to begin. To begin (writing, living) we must have death. I like the dead, they are the doorkeepers who while closing one side ‘give’ way to the other. We must have death, but young, present, ferocious, fresh death, the death of the day, today’s death.’ Hélène Cixous (1993) Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing, Columbia … Continue reading We Need a Dead Woman to Begin