Eilean Donan

There is a painting that hangs above the fireplace in my living room. It is perched just above the thick, wooden mantelpiece, which is home to a collection of family treasures. There’s a small piece of ancient pottery from Pompeii, picked up on my parents’ honeymoon, and a handmade vase from a market in my mother’s home-town. But the painting has always been my favourite. … Continue reading Eilean Donan

Grief Train

My experience of grief has always resembled an all-stations train—a hop-on, hop-off service, well-timed in its arrival to the appropriate station, each one representing an emotional response. A rite-of-passage if you will, in the journey of coming to terms with loss. In February 2020, I was again on-board the Grief Train, although this time the journey was different—it was an express service. The train whirred … Continue reading Grief Train

You can still see the golden arches: the 2022 NSW flood crisis

All I can think of is my grandmother praying: her rosary beads threaded loosely between the base of her palm, forefinger, and thumb. Caught in a five-day storm, she can only watch as the rain fills the gutters, and the river rises beneath her. My grandmother is a kind person, and she prays for the families, businesses and animals being taken by the rising water. … Continue reading You can still see the golden arches: the 2022 NSW flood crisis