The legs of the chair I am slumped in scrape against the cold tile floor with a sharp, metallic shriek. ‘Hey, don’t get too rough. You’re gonna scare her.’ If I weren’t still in shock, I would probably roll my eyes. As if a little jolt like that was enough to freak me out. Yet I can’t bear to drag my gaze away from the … Continue reading Safe

you had your first psychotic break at seventeen

before you died you asked if mobile phones and mugs of water could conjure swarms of bees you said you’d seen it happen and to reproduce your findings you lodged ceramic in the walls Pliny the Elder too believed bees were born immaculately rising from the bodies of slaughtered calves and I wonder if neo-neo-classicists will prove Pliny right with the discovery of Astomi ——those … Continue reading you had your first psychotic break at seventeen

Eilean Donan

There is a painting that hangs above the fireplace in my living room. It is perched just above the thick, wooden mantelpiece, which is home to a collection of family treasures. There’s a small piece of ancient pottery from Pompeii, picked up on my parents’ honeymoon, and a handmade vase from a market in my mother’s home-town. But the painting has always been my favourite. … Continue reading Eilean Donan

The Orb of Desecration

The whispers clambered over each other. A collection of long-lost voices that roiled and rose to a cacophonous, multitudinous scream. The sourceless scream rang through the cavernous chamber. ‘Get OUT!’ Baran looked up. His wide, armoured frame was outlined by a soft light which emanated from the centre of the tomb. The large man yelled out a response to the voices. ‘We heard you the … Continue reading The Orb of Desecration

‘It’s not that simple’: The Truth Behind the Statement

‘It’s not that simple’. ‘It’s easier said than done’. Sound familiar? Do you ever wonder where you would be if you didn’t constantly limit yourself by reinforcing these statements? It’s often easy to fall into the trap of self-victimisation, and contrary to popular belief, this does more harm than good. One can look at any situation in two ways: from an angle of losing or … Continue reading ‘It’s not that simple’: The Truth Behind the Statement

What is at the Core of Mental Wellness?

Mental wellness is the ability of an individual to be aware and mindful of their thoughts and understand that they can influence emotions and behaviours. From a psychological perspective, this is known as a cognitive-behavioural model of wellbeing. In other words, a mentally healthy individual can monitor and regulate their thoughts to achieve the desired emotional and behavioural response (Neenan 2017). This definition of mental … Continue reading What is at the Core of Mental Wellness?