After: From Wattpad to The New York Times

The comments section on Goodreads is rife with arguments about Anna Todd’s After. ‘This is garbage’ reads one, and ‘Emily Brontë would be choking herself to death if she were alive’ reads another (Goodreads 2014:‘ha-ha-nope’). It is almost universally agreed among critics that the lack of character progression and Todd’s unimaginative writing style makes the novel a nightmare of a read. Still, it remains wildly … Continue reading After: From Wattpad to The New York Times

What I Learned from the World of Fanfiction

My route into the publishing industry was not conventional. In fact, what sparked my interest in the first place was something that has only gained traction online in the last decade or so—fanfiction. I started using Wattpad when I was 15 years old, hungry for those juicy, fictional scenes taken directly from a teenage girl’s mind and splashed onto the site without a second thought. … Continue reading What I Learned from the World of Fanfiction

Eilean Donan

There is a painting that hangs above the fireplace in my living room. It is perched just above the thick, wooden mantelpiece, which is home to a collection of family treasures. There’s a small piece of ancient pottery from Pompeii, picked up on my parents’ honeymoon, and a handmade vase from a market in my mother’s home-town. But the painting has always been my favourite. … Continue reading Eilean Donan