Our last days

“Forest Path in the Ardennes” by *rboed* is licensed under CC BY 2.0. So I stood at the gates of Atlantis, But no longer did I want to go in, For through life’s labours, its many chambers of sin, I took my pleasure as though it was fair practice; Repetitions for the Heavenly second life, The fey promises to begin. . . Riven by modern … Continue reading Our last days

Silver Beeches

It was once written that the advent of the railways gave life to the long-forgotten medieval tales of dragons in the countryside. What but for the steam engine—chuffing and puffing its way through the steel arteries of land hitherto untraversed by machine, its fine paintwork glistening in the sun of a golden, modern age—could cause such distress? To stand by the platform of a Victorian … Continue reading Silver Beeches

Apricots and Coconuts

Along the shore where you live, not far from the sealer’s cove, is a place where you retreat whenever the world—the small one you inhabit—snares you like a nasty jag. The many people, aimless in their own pursuits of happiness and enterprise, admirable in how they remain steadfastly thankless for the tasks you perform at their behest, cause you to consider thus: none would matter … Continue reading Apricots and Coconuts