you had your first psychotic break at seventeen

before you died  you asked
if mobile phones and mugs of water 
				could conjure 	swarms of bees

you said you’d seen it happen
and to reproduce your findings
				you lodged ceramic in the walls
Pliny the Elder too believed 
bees were born immaculately

				rising from the bodies
				of slaughtered
and I wonder 
if neo-neo-classicists 
will prove Pliny right 
with the discovery 		of Astomi 
				——those fabled
				mouthless creatures 
who live on scent alone
consuming only vapours
				of apples 
				and anemones
perhaps these were 
the things unseen 
calling you 			to gentle night

where you were dispelled 
by rushing steel 			
				into memory's

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