‘It’s not that simple’: The Truth Behind the Statement

‘It’s not that simple’. ‘It’s easier said than done’. Sound familiar? 

Do you ever wonder where you would be if you didn’t constantly limit yourself by reinforcing these statements? It’s often easy to fall into the trap of self-victimisation, and contrary to popular belief, this does more harm than good. One can look at any situation in two ways: from an angle of losing or an angle of gaining. A healthy mindset is key. You live most of your life in your own head, so you must make sure it’s a healthy place to reside in. 

Often, when one feels alone, there is a higher chance of getting stuck in a constant cycle of subliminal limiting thoughts. This is something I struggle with myself when I sometimes feel alone. There is a self-affirmative exercise I often do to understand and reinforce myself that my life is not my parents’ or my friends’, but my own; I have full control over what is mine. I can listen to and consider other people’s opinions and suggestions but ultimately, my life is my responsibility. This reminds me of something I once heard—‘Tradition is advice from the dead’. I believe this generation has the courage to be disliked. Despite all extrinsic influence, we have the power to make decisions concerning ourselves, and we should. 

This personally, gives me a sense of peace. After all, isn’t that what we all crave? Peace?

We are all empty in some way, only filled with stories. The uniqueness of every journey is what gives meaning to human life. ‘When you shine your light, it reminds those around you of the very same light inside themselves’ (Kute Blackson). This is something that resonated with me because as soon as I understood the significance of interconnectedness, I chose to lead by example. We should individually and collectively go beyond and break the barriers of these self-imposed limiting beliefs. 

‘It’s not that simple’. Well, maybe it is.

Indeed, normalcy is the formula for mediocrity. Why on Earth would you want to be normal? I am a firm believer of the view that if you feel comfortable in life, you’re absolutely doing something wrong. Primarily because one cannot grow within their comfort zones. ‘It’s not that simple’ is a phrase that simply forces you to be stuck in your comfort zone and not desire a breakthrough. Escape this idea of a routine ‘recipe to success’ and accept life’s invitation to jump into the pit of uncertainty. Isn’t that the best part? You never know what’s next in store for you! How exciting!

Hot tip—when you’re ‘scared’, this is the time when you ideally want to make that leap. Otherwise, you are bound to remain within the invisible confines constructed by your mind and indulge in the self-constructed narrative of ‘it’s easier said than done’. Unless one breaks through this mind prison, one will never know what their full potential is. Optimise your potential.

And when you finally break free, it will be a feeling like you’ve never experienced before: Ultimate liberation. 

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