The Lone Astronaut

A constellation of words orbiting the page, 
an ethereal nightmare 
scribbled through the searching celestials. 
The page — a distant point of light 
the lone astronaut ponders upon. 
The endless night wanders
around his presence, 
falling beyond the known  
and dizzily in orbit, peripherals contained 
to the circular visor while the lone astronaut writes. 
He says, 
     Starlight does not know of this universal world she unknowingly seeks. 
     She stalks the night; a place where milky ways are chocolate
     and I am home. 
     I fear Starlight has forgotten 
     and returned me to the bookshelf, 
     slidden me into a crater, 
     and pushed me beyond the cosmos. 
     My words are yours, Starlight, 
     do not fear the page. 
     Mercury, Jupiter, and I assure you, 
     my words will write to you again someday
The lone astronaut retreats to his cabin 
in hopes that one day soon, 
poetry will reach the stars 
and his heart will find its way back to you. 

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