7 Ways to Fulfil The Travel Bug During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic landed upon us and threw everything off-kilter. It’s been several months now and the entire world is still feeling the devastating effects of the virus, especially within the world of travel. 

We can no longer move, drive or fly to places we’ve been to before or always yearned to visit for the first time the way we used to. 

It’s particularly been a nightmare for lovers of travel: borders closed, travel banned, so many restrictions, so few options; it’s a mess, and a huge source of frustration for many. 

How then, can you fulfil the travel bug during COVID-19? 

Here are 7 suggestions …

1. Take-out old-school albums and reminisce

It probably doesn’t sound like much, but taking out albums and mindfully looking through photos from way back when can bring an unexpected sense of travel fulfilment. Even better, you could include family or friends and have them join in going through the albums with you.

Whether the albums have regular childhood photos, or photos of you and your family in old-school outfits and hairstyles, or in dated trains, trams, buses, streets, cafes or restaurants, these memories could be a satiating way to fulfil the travel bug during COVID-19. 

2. Go new-school and look through digital travel photos

This can include photos from any era of time—at least the ones you can find—to just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Looking at digital photos and videos from your more recent travel adventures can leave you relishing all the opportunities you’ve seized and all the great times you’ve had. 

These thoughts and memories can counter the now well-known feeling of panic and helplessness many budding travellers have, where they wonder when they’ll be able to travel again. 

3. Read travel-related content

Ah, reading. It could be anything: travel guides, travel brochures, travel magazines, travel articles, travel blogs, travel posts ... the list is endless. 

Reading content that features different places and destinations can be a nourishing and productive way to fulfil the travel bug during the pandemic, and until we are able to travel widely again … one day.

4. Attend virtual tours

Virtual tours might sound a bit pointless at first, but they’re not. Most virtual tours operate like real-life tours. You’ll have fellow peers with you on the tour, a guide and a detailed explanation of all the sights and places you’ll visit on the tour.  

Ever wanted to know more about Martha’s Pillars, Squeaky Beach, the Puffing Billy Train or the Ashcombe Maze? A virtual tour could be the ideal solution for now, while we’re still dealing with COVID-19. 

And with all the information and insights a virtual tour grants you, you’d be able to have a richer, fuller experience once you get to visit these destinations in person.

5. Watch YouTube videos of favourite travel destinations

Ah, what would we do without YouTube? If you’re feeling desperate to get some inspiration for your ideal travel destination during COVID-19, you can check out various videos on YouTube!

This experience can be as grand or as simple as you want it to be. If you’re longing to experience more of Melbourne for instance, this can even be as simplistic as watching videos of shoppers walking around Highpoint Shopping Centre, commutes of trains running from Richmond to Sandringham, or cars making a quiet afternoon drive from Port Melbourne through St. Kilda Beach to Fitzroy. 

YouTube videos can really be that simple yet so gratifying. 

6. Check out travel-related Instagram pages

Looking at inspiring travel photos of pages and people you follow on Instagram can leave you feeling excited to travel again. Even though we’re still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no harm in appreciating great photos of where people have travelled and been to before. (We know almost all the travel photos people use now are from a while back, but hey, let’s not dwell on that.)

These travel photos on Instagram can even inspire you to create a list of all the places you’d like to visit once the world opens up. 

(This suggestion is to be treated with caution though, as many a sane person has spiralled while looking at what appeared to be picture perfect lives on social media. Remember, nothing is ever as perfect as it seems online.)

7. Explore your local world

No, it’s definitely not the same as international travel, but COVID-19 might have forced upon us an opportunity we all needed; a chance to explore our local country, state, city or even just neighbourhood. 

Is there a vineyard, garden, library, hotel or park that’s always been too close to be considered? This may be a chance to find out what magic there is around you. 

As you wait to explore more worldly places again, perhaps you can take this chance to not only fulfil the travel bug during COVID-19, but to also find and appreciate all the little gems around you that you’ve been oblivious to all along.

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