What does it mean to vote in DUSA’s Student Election?

DUSA is your student association/union, run by students for students. Essentially, this means you, as the student, get to choose who will run your DUSA through the student elections that happen every year. 

Why should this matter to me?

Well, last year DUSA made a net worth of $10,787,201.00. The elected Deakin students that run the student council are paid to decide how and where this money gets spent

DUSA works directly on a wide variety of things, including clubs and societies, events, initiatives, programs, advocacy, and the provision of products and services.

If you care about how any of these things run, or how your student money is spent, then apply for a postal vote!

Representation of our DUSA government and the positions you’ll vote for.

So, how do I apply to vote?

Applications close this Friday 13th of August at 4pm sharp. You must use the postal voting application here, and send it through to dusa@omegaconsultinggroup.com.au with your Deakin email.

Restrictions to be mindful of when doing your application are:

  • Signatures placed in the signature box have been disappearing, so put yours next to the box instead. Typed signatures won’t be accepted. 
  • Last minute applications got rejected last year: ensure you send them well in advance of the 4pm deadline. 
  • Check that you’ve received a confirmation email from the Returning Officer stating that your application has been accepted. If you don’t get this email, follow up with the Returning Officer!

If the Returning Officer hasn’t received your postal ballot before the 13th of August at 4pm, then sadly you won’t be allowed to participate in this year’s election.

If you have a friend overseas, and they want you to vote for them, then you can fill out this form with them here. Keep in mind that you can only be a proxy vote for one person.

Queer representatives get the luxury of voting online. To register for your right to vote for Queer representatives, click here. Registration stays open until the 16th of September.

Once I send in my postal application, What happens next?

Once postal applications close, the Returning Officer has to organise and send out all the ballots to all the students who applied and were accepted. They must send them as soon as nominations close, which is the 13th of August. 

You should be receiving your ballots from the 30th of August to 17th of September in your maillbox. You must post back your ballot a long time before the 17th of September, as postal ballots must be received by the returning officer within three business days of the close of polling. 

Any ballot received later than three business days after polling will be destroyed.

If you don’t receive your ballot and it’s getting close to the 17th of September, either ring or email the Returning Officer, asking for your tracking number to locate where it is. If your ballot comes late, you’ll have to provide a timestamp proving that you sent it before the 17th of September.

When your ballot comes in the mail you should receive the following:

  1. Voting instructions. (Read them carefully!)
  2. Ballot Papers.

If you’re a DUSA member you should receive a ballot for Student Representatives, Electoral Delegates, NUS electoral delegates, and, if you identify as a woman, a separate one for Women’s Representative. 

If you’re NOT a DUSA member, you should receive only the NUS electoral delegate ballot.

  1. A link to the website with all candidate photos and statements.
  2. An envelope large enough to contain all ballot papers, with a declaration form printed on the outside. Make sure this is signed! If the declaration isn’t signed, the ballot will be discarded.
  3. A pre-addressed postage-paid return envelope: don’t worry, you don’t need to pay postage!

We won’t know exactly what the ballots will look like until nominations are confirmed. However, here are some possible examples.

Above the voting line.
Below the voting line.

Once polling closes on the 17th of September, the ballots need to be tallied. Each ticket and independent can choose a scrutineer to ensure there is no tampering with the ballots by either side. 

If you have any questions surrounding this election, contact the Returning Officer, Bastian Simrajh, via mobile at 0478 254 450, or via email at dusa@omegaconsultinggroup.com.au.

Whether you want things to change at DUSA, or you’re happy as you are, make sure you have your say and apply for your right to vote before 13th of August 4pm!

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