An Ode to a Creative Soul

Written by Eliz Bilal

I wouldn’t trade my knowledge of the arts for the world.
Simply, those who are gifted with creativity are blessed.
They see and feel the world entirely differently,
Even those who get to have a peek will never truly
Understand the magnitude of a creative soul.

Our lives are not as simple to just
Easily like something, but fully immerse
Ourselves to the utmost extent obsession.
We are not just sad but shattered,
We are not just hungry but starving.
And in those pockets of happiness
It’s euphoric.

So much so it cannot be contained
And becomes an emotional expulsion.
Or what we would call art.
Before you know it, we have created chaos,
Change. Something mankind works to do its whole life
Yet we have done it in a swift moment of
Simply showing empathy.

I believe these types are tortured in some way or another.
There is a great deal of pain and suffering
That comes with a creative soul.
We rip ourselves apart in hope to free others.
Crucified, serving our souls on a plate bloody and still beating.
Knowing very well our hearts ache like many others
Who do not yet know what to do with this restless manifestation
Residing within them.

Feeling entirely alienated is what we should embrace.
We are all lost travellers trying to find our place in the world,
Understanding the power of being misunderstood is our weapon.
When we find others like us, the plates in the earth shift
And suddenly, we do not feel so lonely anymore.

Eliz Bilal is currently studying a Master of Arts in Writing and Literature. She mainly writes fantasy/fiction but has recently dabbled in poetry. When she’s not scrawling away, she loves reading tarot cards and playing music. You can find her on Instagram @elixir_.__

Eliz’s work appears in the TabooEthereal, and Contact editions of WORDLY Magazine.

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