Music: The Ultimate Mood Booster!

Written by Chantelle Gourlay

The world is a weird place at the moment.

We have been in and out of lockdowns at varying levels since March. Many of us have not seen friends or family in months. Nothing has felt normal, and that has caused stress, anxiety, and poor mental health.

One thing I have found has helped me chase away the iso blues is music.

Music has this awesome ability to be able to make our worries disappear. We can melt into a piano tune or bang our heads to a rock song, and for a small moment, all our stress is held at bay. With the world in the state that it is, I think holding our stresses at bay is exactly what we all need right now. We need to just relax. Whether you want to chill out listening to Taylor Swift’s new album folklore or get up and dance to BTS’s new single ‘Dynamite’, there is no denying that music makes us feel more in tune with our emotions and can help us process our feelings more effectively.

Maybe you would like to try a new playlist? Spotify has a plethora of different ‘mood’ playlists to match how you are feeling. Maybe you want to listen to something jazzy while you bake or something upbeat while you clean the house? There are no limits when it comes to music. Who knows what you might experience if you branch out and give different genres and artists a listen.

Below is a list of different playlists on Spotify for your everchanging iso moods!

Mood Booster Playlist:  Listen to while cleaning or doing chores! It makes them feel like a breeze.

Happy Pop: Great to listen to while baking, journalling, or engaging in a hobby you really love.

Sadboi hours: This is good for those times you’re feeling a little bit down and need a moment to spend with yourself and your feelings (expect a good cleansing cry with this one!).

Feelin Myself This is great to listen to during a workout to get you hyped up

Young & Free:  Listen to this while you go for a walk or when you’re just chilling out in your room—it will help chase away the loss of freedom that has come with isolation.

And here are some song recommendations for every mood or emotion you might be experiencing during isolation:

Cheerful: ‘Dynamite’ by BTS. Happy and upbeat with 70s disco vibes, it will make you want to get up and dance!

Reflective: ‘Landslide’ by Fleetwood Mac. This one is a slower acoustic song that will help you to relax and reflect.

Gloomy: ‘Paint it Black’ by The Rolling Stones. Both upbeat and moody, it will make you want to tap your foot along to the beat.

Melancholy: ‘When the Party’s Over’ by Billie Eilish. This one is a bit on the sad side. It will hit you ‘in the feels’.

Whimsical: ‘The Lakes’ by Taylor Swift is the feeling of delicate poetry and beautiful nature wrapped up in a song.

Romantic: ‘Adore You’ by Harry Styles is like a love letter from your lover, with a catchy beat that you can dance to.

Calm: ‘Let it Be’ by The Beatles. This song will make you want to learn the piano just for the sheer beauty of its use in this song.

Light-hearted: ‘Boy with Luv’ by BTS ft. Halsey. Much like ‘Dynamite’, this song will make you want to dance. It feels like summer and candy stores in a song!

Hopeful: ‘We are the Champions’ by Queen is a classic favourite beloved by many. If you don’t sing along to this, are you human?

Angry: ‘Green Light’ by Lorde tells the story of a nasty breakup and is perfect to belt out at the top of your lungs in the privacy of your room or car.

Lonely: ‘The 1’ by Taylor Swift has a pretty beat to it but is heartbreaking. Listen to this for its beautiful composure.

No matter what sort of music you end up listening to, as long as it helps ease those iso blues, then continue to listen, sing along and have a little dance. We all need it right now!

Chantelle Gourlay is a writer, editor, and actress from Geelong/ Djillong Victoria. She recently graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional and Creative Writing. Her works have been published in Deakin’s WORDLY magazine, F*emszine, and Matters Journal. When she doesn’t have her head stuck in a book, you’ll often find her journalling, dancing in the sunshine, or baking!

Chantelle’s work has appeared in the Euphoria, Power, Atmosphere, and Retro editions of WORDLY Magazine.

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