Written by Annie Kieh

Dragons love to hide their treasures;
For their jewels, they’ll take all measures.
They steal and burn all in their path,
To keep their hoard in their fiery hearth.

Wolves are strongest in a pack,
Faking courage, which alone they lack.
They close ranks, united against you,
All obsessed with their meat’s value.

Vultures circle overhead,
On the search for something dead.
Watching and waiting for the already killed,
Life that’s been broken, silenced, and stilled.

Predators hide everywhere;
From the shadows, you’ll feel their stare.
Whether they lurk or growl, run or sneak,
They all rely on making you meek.

All of them seek to hunt you,
Want to steal, trap, or tear you.
They hope to make you run away,
But soon find out you’re not their prey.

Read more of Annie’s work in the Discord edition of WORDLY Magazine.

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