5 Reasons You Should Write for WORDLY Online

Written by Jessica Wartski

You’ve probably noticed that WORDLY Online wants you to write for them. But what about your wants? Why should you love the idea of writing for this publication? Well, these are the five reasons I want to write for them, and they’re reasons you should want to as well.

1. Because you want to improve your writing

2017 was a great year for me; three times I submitted works of fiction to publications, and all three times my works were accepted. In 2018, I became an editor for one of those publications: WORDLY!

Editing seemed like a great way to further my skills. Where reading encourages an intuitive understanding of what writing should be, editing requires a critical and technical understanding. But, I found myself spending a lot more time improving the writing of others than on writing my own works. And as a consequence, my actual skills didn’t get better, while the skills of those I was editing did.

Knowing and judging the quality of writing doesn’t result in producing quality writing. To be a writer, you need to write. And to be a better writer, you also need to write. It’s that whole practice makes perfect thing.

2. Because you’re super interested in something

Have you ever fantasised about being a journalist? Maybe you want to investigate a breaking news story, or maybe you want to interview someone for the real answers. With WORDLY, you can give it a try. You can even be given an assignment to start with.

Have you spent so much time watching romcoms lately that you think you’ve cracked some romcom code? Maybe you’re ready to do a deep dive on the tropes within them, and what they say about our views on love. Maybe you’d like to start reviewing them.

Have you been replaying Taylor Swift’s latest album for so long that you could write an essay on the importance of each song?

Have you spent hours of your life learning about or getting excited about something? Ever fancied yourself an expert on a topic? Would you like to tell the world about it? Or would you simply like to be given permission to research what you’re interested in?

This is your time to explore any topic and any type of writing you want.

3. Because you want to make connections

A lot of the time, writing is a solitary pursuit, but there’s really a world of connections to be made in it. By engaging and contributing work, you’ll be exposed to a community of writers, of literature lovers, of people interested in what you’re writing about, and of the other people you’re working with at WORDLY.

You’ll become acquainted with the editors you work with, so much so that you’ll feel like you know them. You’ll get to know the names of our other writers, and in return, people will get to know your name. And then you’ll meet these people in class, a club event, a launch, or outside of uni!

There are professional connections and friendships to be made!

4. Because it’s the right time to be involved with WORDLY

I’m going to let you in on a secret: WORDLY is experiencing massing growth.

It’s only seven years old, and each year it’s gaining traction, influence, and becoming harder to get involved in.

When I started working on the production team, there was a role waiting for each applicant, and the magazine had room for most submitters to be contributors. This quickly changed, with us now having 3-5 times more applicants than roles, and editions have had massive increases in both the quality and quantity of submissions.
Our viewership has been increasing year by year, our team is getting more skilled, and we’re only going to be getting better and better.

And Online is where the biggest opportunity currently lies.

If you get involved with WORDLY Online now, you’ll be part of making it great. That’s a pretty good position to be in.

And, as an aside, it’s a pretty good time for it in your life too. You know what you can do during COVID-19 lockdowns? You can write.

5. Because you want to get a job

All of the above is really to say: I want to get a job, so I’m going to write for WORDLY Online. If you want a job, you probably should too.

Specifically, if you’re interested in any job that involves writing. This is because your applications are going to want a writing sample at least, and a full portfolio of work at most.

WORDLY is the perfect place to build up your portfolio. You’ll be working with an editor, so your work will be polished, and each piece will be published, so it has that extra bit of legitimacy.

The earlier you start writing, the better the quality of your writing will end up being, and the more pieces you’ll have to show off.

Now that you know all of this, what are you waiting for? Express your interest in writing for WORDLY Online here.

Jessica Wartski has been involved in WORDLY Magazine since 2018. Soon after her original employment as an editor, she took on responsibility for WORDLY Online as Social Media Manager and experienced its original growth. Now working as Communications Manager, she continues to hold a keen interest in the ongoing expansion of WORDLY Online (and even keener interest in the development of her career and skillset).

Jessica’s work has appeared in the Harmony and Epilogue editions of WORDLY Magazine.

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