We Will Emerge Victorious

Written by Michael Pallaris

The following is inspired by Gaden Sousa’s wonderful article Surviving COVID-19 (2020) and Winston Churchill’s speech We Shall Fight on The Beaches (1940).

I have no doubt that if we all stick to the guidelines, if we stay home (except when purchasing essential goods and services), and if the most logical policies are in place, we shall endure these difficult times. We shall beat the virus and become all the stronger for it. Even if it takes months. Even if there are times where it seems like we can’t go on. But we will push on. We will always persevere.

No matter what happens—no matter the temptation—we will be resolute.

We shall always fight on. We are striving for the same thing: to experience the outside world again. To do that, we must make a temporary, but necessary, retreat and we cannot relent from this decision. We must not give in. We will not endanger the lives of others’ loved ones nor our own.

We will find alternative methods to cope, to laugh, to enjoy life, to make the most of this situation. Where once we had parties, we shall now hang out via Facebook. Where once we competed in sporting teams, we shall now exercise at home and via Skype. Where once we played Tabletop games, we shall turn to video games to test our mettle against our friends. Where once we travelled to university for classes, we shall now venture to the living room and learn via Zoom.

Even if there are days where we lack the motivation to study, to work, and to exercise at home, we will persevere.

Please persist and fight on.

Believe that we will get through this.

Don’t let the sacrifices we have made be for nothing.

We will adapt as students. We will study from home—stay in touch with our friends and loved ones through various forms of social media. We will make our home a fortress.

We must remain positive, we must stay calm, we must adjust to social isolation, and we must remain patient. We also must have faith that the threat of the coronavirus will eventually dissipate and that we can move on and embrace our loved ones again.    

We will emerge victorious.

Michael’s work appears in the Forward, Tension, and Skeptic editions of WORDLY Magazine.

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