Artist Profile – Melissa Bandara

Our Artist Profile series is spotlighting Deakin student artists and frequent WORDLY Magazine contributors.

Today’s spotlight is on Melissa who is the designer of the upcoming ‘Forward’ edition of WORDLY Magazine.

1. What is your name/degree/year of study?

I’m Melissa Bandara, and I currently completing second-year study for a Bachelor of Design (Visual communication). 

Instagram: @dannyartworks


Facebook page:

2. Can you briefly explain your typical creative process?

The first idea is always the best idea!

Many artists and designers would disagree, but it does really work. I consider my art to be a bit chaotic, so therefore I don’t really plan things for the most part. The first idea is always tweaked here and there and is used as a base point for creation. If I spend too long on a drawing, I lose my motivation to complete it.


3. What mediums do you work with, and what themes do you explore in your work?

 I like to work with any material. I’ve been into watercolour lately so you can expect more of that this year. I also love using markers like Sharpie to create messy but eye-catching illustrations. Chaotic artwork means I love colours that clash against each other sharpness using collage.   

I love trippy artwork. Stuff that really makes you think or do a double-take. That’s why I think messy artwork is so good. It’s never straight to the point and will always make you think a little a little longer. 


4. Who or what inspires you?

I love finding inspiration in deep and emotional work. Work with a lot of hidden details and meanings. I also love traditional styles and illustration. My recent interest has been traditional South Asian artwork, and I have been dabbling in this sort of style. 

5. What is your favourite piece you’ve ever created?

It’s hard to pick favourites as I lose interest in my own work fairly quickly. However, one I do really like is the artwork I submitted to WORDLY ‘Order’ edition. 

It has everything I like, such as neons, greyscale elements, repetition, and collage. I was so happy to be able to use bright yellow as a background for that piece, it’s such a good colour. The meaning was also very important to me as it displayed the feeling of having disorganised, irrational, and messy thoughts. This artwork really encapsulated that feeling of anxiousness and being stressed out.

I’m Not Stupid, My Mind’s Just A Mess!

Melissa is the upcoming designer of the ‘Forward’ edition of WORDLY Magazine. You an see her cover art on the ‘Retro’, ‘Order’, and ‘Taboo’ editions, and you can find her on instagram @dannyartworks

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