Fool’s Gold

Written by Julie Dickson.

your aura is gold

in the neon lights of a dingy bar

a crown sits atop your head

and you’ve got a smile full of promises

your throne is nestled inside

a museum of the hearts you’ve broken

next to a throne holding a ghost

who warns me with its shivers

you’ve got diamonds for teeth

and words that cut deep wounds

fervent kisses to cover your damage

chocolate gold coins are your currency

we’re dancing on glass shards

veins pulsing in time to glittery city lights

our hands entwined with rose stems

drips of blood illustrate our story

swaying in a drunken haze

lost underneath the strobe lights

your kisses paint someone else

my heart becomes another exhibit

shattered illusions and broken promises

your crown clatters to the ground

and your aura disappears

as I realise you’re fool’s gold

Julie’s work appears in the Forward, Retro, Tension, Taboo, Illusion, Harmony, and Epilogue editions of WORDLY Magazine.

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