Week One, T1

Written by Joshua R Donovan.

Scattered sounds of scattered brains.
Crowded carparks, caffeine veins.
Surprise, ice breaker! It’s lovely to meet ya!
Step away, you friendly creature.
No, please tell us! Tell us everything you are.
Well, I once cried in The Return of Jaffar.
No, tell us your dreams! Your worldly aspirations!
I never wear grey with risk of perspiration.
And I dabble in this and dabble in that,
But does anyone care as a matter of fact?
What else shall I say, what else shall I stage?
To make them believe I belong in this cage.
What does this all mean in an age so sectorial?
You are now a number, you must abide the due date.
213-124-431 was my fate.
Why are we to ignore that our funding is flawed?
And what on earth does it mean to be blissfully bored?
It means nothing, ignore what I mention.
Ignore the discomfort, ignore the tension.
Step out of your bubble, expel all blind thought.
You’re here to learn more than what you’re being taught.
Stranger meets stranger, terrifying and fun.
Both will be found in week one, T1.

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