The Suburbs

Written by Julie Dickson.

we’ve been neighbours

since we were kids

legs entwined, our touches linger

lust creeps in as I watch

through rose-coloured glasses

our regular night-drives

provide cheap therapy

the sky holds our secrets

blurry red brick houses

full of different stories

pushing each other in trolleys

in the supermarket car park

spinning like teacups

black and purple bruises

forming on my body

lying on the tennis court

cracked concrete and ripped net

backdrop of confetti stars

the taste of stolen liquor

our future flickering between us

bodies swaying at a house party

sickly sweet alcohol and sweat

fumbling fingers, blurry vision

we share our first kiss

everything’s tilted

Julie’s work appears in the Forward, Retro, Tension, Taboo, Illusion, Harmony, and Epilogue editions of WORDLY Magazine.

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