Crawling across the sky

Dense Citrine clouds

Everywhere. Are we there yet?

Forced into the desert

Glowing with a bright emptiness

Hinged on us not knowing—

(Isn’t believing knowing?)

Just like outside, the dead are

Killing time while they’re breathing

Lighting cigarettes

Making sure it comes soon

Nothingness. Emptiness. Are we there yet?

Oceans of

Parched souls, un-

Quenchable, full of

Remorse and something else,

Something like their surroundings—

Terrifying. Are we there yet?

Unbeknownst to us

Vacancy fills our bodies, our minds

We’re too far

Xanthic skin and

Yellow eyes

Zeus lives here, or somewhere else

Are we there yet?

Begin again,



Elisabeth’s work appears in the Power, Forward, Colour, and Ethereal editions of WORDLY Magazine.

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