Bonnie & Clyde

Written by Julie Dickson.

a ballerina twirling, dreaming of the spotlight

they’ll all know her name

he dreams of her in a wedding dress

dancing into his arms

bang bang


he strikes the match, not knowing

her heart is made of arson

exploding shards of glass

a mosaic of collateral damage

bang bang

getaway cars and dollar bills

guns are harmless ’til the trigger’s pulled

blood on your hands doesn’t disappear

no matter how hard you scrub

bang bang

a routine to ballet music

one move ahead of the law

he tilts her in a fish dive

blood drips in their wake

bang bang

death is waiting, at his command

to gown his lover in immortality

conceit taints her vision

they’ll never forget her name

bang bang

Julie’s work appears in the Forward, Retro, Tension, Taboo, Illusion, Harmony, and Epilogue editions of WORDLY Magazine.

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