For all those people off-campus here is your chance to get your eyes on WORDLY.

In this edition you will find poetry, opinions, fiction and artworks, some with an O’week twist, some that combine a love of Destiny’s Child with a hatred of memes in order to prove a point…it is always a bit of a mixed bag with us. This time around, Glenn investigates what the O in O’week really stands for, Kyah takes us back to a time when Nicholas Cage was badass and super fine, Brinagh tells you how to survive off a single tin of lentils, Andrew captures the existential crisis brought on by power point presentations, and some other people discuss slightly more serious things, such as: feminism and the album Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

Give us your feedback by commenting on this thread. Send any responses or work for publishing to deakinwriters@gmail.com

Click here to read the O’Week edition of WORDLY


One thought on “O’Week WORDLY

  1. Having a digital version is a top move! Design features are lively, flawless. I want to kidnap a pile of mags and papier mâché myself into the world’s most fabulous fort.

    Bri’s lentil-laced quip about scurvy isn’t so facetious you know. An (honest to baby cheeses) friend of a friend’s mother was said to be mortified in a 17th century kind of way when she discovered her two recently-left-home sons had actually honestly given themselves scurvy with their beer and noodle diets. It happens man, lentils for life.


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